Artist Statement

My artwork is a direct reflection of the observations I have made throughout a lifetime of travel and adventure. Whether I am painting or printmaking, I like to capture the atmospheric and physical characteristics unique to each region. As each piece evolves, I am transported back to the places that I have visited. I can see the morning mist in Ireland, the beautiful sunsets of Santa Fe, and the Northern Lights of Iceland dancing across the winter sky. It is my hope that viewers feel the same sense of awe that I felt while visiting each region.


Inspiration for my painting and printmaking style comes from memories of my travels to all seven continents and all fifty states. I enjoy the process of recalling the atmospheric qualities unique to each physical location and then capturing this information through the use of light, shape and color.


I am an award winning artist who enjoys both painting and printmaking. I have worked in encaustic, oil/cold wax, oil as well as acrylic. My work was featured in MOMA’s 2018 digital online learners show, the CBS Sunday Morning Show and in many regional and national juried shows. I am an active member of the Capitol Hill Art League, the Maryland Arts Council and the Maryland Federation of Art. I have been creating art for most of my life, and returned to the studio full time in 2019 following my retirement from a successful career in Information Technology. 

Gallery representation is by District Arts, Frederick, MD.